Vejle Stadion in Vejle

Vejle Stadion in Vejle

Seats: 10.409
Team:  Vejle BK


Visited in the summer of 2008. Crossing Vejle on the way to Legoland, I noticed the sign saying 'Stadion'.
The ground is very modern and remarkably clean. Entering was again no problem at all.
People busy installing an electronic boarding were even wondered I asked permission: 'as long as the gate is open, you are welcome!'.

Yes! Hospitality still exists in modern football.


Vejle BK also honours its players who made it into the Danish national team.

Next to the mainentrance you'll find a huge sign with the names of the players who played for Denmark.

Famous players like Johnny Hanssen, Allan Simonsen, John Sivebaek and Johnny Mølby used to play for Vejle BK!


By the way: merchandise can only be purchased on match days.