Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne

Melbourne Cricket Ground 

Opened: 1853
Seats: 96.300

The venue of the 1956 Olympic Games. The stadium is owned by the Melbourne Cricket ground, but is also used for Aussie rules football and every now and than a soccer match. During the 1956 Olympics, the Soviet Union defeated Yugoslavia (1-0) in the football finals. During the Sydney 2000 Olympics, 7 football matches have been played in Melbourne.
USA - Kuwait (3-1); Spain - Morocco (2-0); Spain - Chile (1-3); Morocco - Chile (1-4); Australia - Italy (0-1); Chile - Nigeria (4-1); Chile - Cameroon (1-2).
Also the 1998 World Cup qualifier match against Iran and the 2002 World Cup qualifier against Uruguay were played here.
The record attendance for a football match is 85,513 (WC 1998 qualifier against Iran), the overall record attendance is 121,696 for the 1970 Australian Football League finals (Carlton vs. Collingwood)