Olympia Stadion in Berlin

Olympia Stadion in Berlin (Hertha BSC)

Opened: August 1, 1936
Seats: 74.048
Team:  Hertha BSC Berlin

Visited on December 12, 2006 when I was in Berlin for work.
I was invited by Mr. Kübler, manager merchandising and licenses of Hertha BSC. Mr. Kübler also is managing director of TopTeams, the main producer of mini-kits. He was kind enough to arrange a quick tour in the Olympia Stadion.

The Olympia Stadion was built to host the 1936 Olympic games.

30 years later the lighting was installed. In 1974, before the world championships, a part of the stadium was roofed over.

In 2000 the latest renovations started and have been finished in 2004.

In 2006 the stadium hosted the 2006 world championships finals.