Stamford Bridge in London

Stamford Bridge in London


April 28, 1877




Chelsea FC


In March 2000 I visited the ground and had a tour. In spite of all the recent work, you can still see this is an old ground. You start asking whether building a totally new ground wouldn't be the best solution for Chelsea.

Stamford Bridge was originally build in 1905 and offered to Fulham FC to play here. On September 11, 1905, Chelsea beat Hull City (5-1). Record attendance was on October 12, 1935. Chelsea played against Arsenal and 82.905 people were witnesses.  In November 1945 Chelsea played a friendly against Dynamo Moscow. Official numbers mention 74.496 spectators, but non-official numbers go up to 100.000.


When visiting Chelsea, the scent of money is in the air: during the tour, the guide keeps on talking about money; the fan shop is the biggest I've ever seen; and the prices are accordingly. Too sad commerce is taking over so fast... I guess there's no other way when you want to become one of the big ones.