Trendwork Arena in Sittard

Trendwork Arena in Sittard







Fortuna Sittard


Opened in 1999 with a match against FC Schalke 04. In 1999 Fortuna Sittard had big plans to become a stable factor in Dutch football.

Like so many clubs also Fortuna Sittard's plans never became reality. The stadium became reality as the Wagner & Partners Stadium.

In almost every other aspect, the club performed miserable.


The team relegated in 2002 and never recovered.

Every year Fortuna Sittard struggles to find the money to even play professional football.


In 2009 a merger with neighbours Roda JC failed.

The Dutch FA already prepared the paperwork for Fortuna's bankruptcy, but the club did a Houdini-act to avoid losing its license.


Since 2009 the stadium is called Trendwork Arena.