Stadio Luigi Ferraris in Genoa

Stadio Luigi Ferraris in Genoa

Opened: 1911
Seats: 36.536
Team:  Genoa C.F.C. and U.C. Sampdoria
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Visited in May 2009.
Entering the ground wasn't easy. A first attempt to ask a guard failed. 'Chiuso', CLOSED was his short reply.

I tried a second time at the office of Sampdoria. Here they suggested I should visit the next Sampdoria match. To compensate my dissapointment I was invited to visit the small Sampdoria museum.

The third try was the office of Genoa FC. Here somebody was so kind to walk with me to check if one of the gates were open. He was very sorry that all gates were closed but showed me the way to another gate. This gate was opened and after a short phonecall somebody came to pick me up and accompanied me on to the pitch.


During the 1934 World Cup the stadium hosted the match between Spain and Brazil. In 1990 Luigi Ferraris hosted the WC matches between Costa Rica and Scotland (1-0), Scotland vs. Sweden (2-1), Sweden vs. Costa Rica (1-2) and the round of 16 match the Republic of Ireland vs. Romania (0-0. 5-4 after penalties).


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