Stadio Ennio Tardini in Parma

Stadio Ennio Tardini in Parma

Opened: 1923
Seats: 27.906
Team:  Parma Associazione Calcio
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Great ground close to the centre of the beautiful city of Parma. No problem entering the ground. The gate is open and you can just walk in.


The ground is named after lawyer Ennio Tardini who used to be chairman of AC Parma's predecessor, Verdi Football Club. He died in 1923, just a couple of months before the opening of the stadium.

Throughout the years the ground changed a number of times. In 1992 the Curva Nord was build where you can now find the fanatical tifosi of AC PArma.

AC Parma (founded in 1913) never played an important role in Italian football. Only in 1990, AC Parma first played in the Serie A. After the promotion, the Tanzi family took over the club. The Tanzis earned their money by running the dairy company Parmalat. The aim of the Tanzis was to make AC Parma one of the top teams in Italy.

AC PArma never won the championship, but did succeed to win 3 Coppas Italia, 2 UEFA cups, 1 European cupwinners cup and 1 European supercup.

After the last victory in 2002 (Italian cup), AC Parma suffered some serious problems. In 2003 the Parmalat scandal started. The secret behind the Parmalat success appeared to be fraud. Parmalat had to sign for bankruptcy and AC Parma nearly drowned with the company.


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