De Geusselt in Maastricht

De Geusselt in Maastricht









The ground is situated in a park with the same name "De Geusselt". De Geusselt is named after Geusselt Castle which is close to the ground.

MVV used to play in stadium "De Boschpoort" and moved to De Geusselt in 1961. In the eighties the number of seats was reduced from 18.000 to 10.000. In the early 80's MVV became almost the first club in the world with an entirely roofed stadium.

When this ambitious plan had been thrown away it was decided to refurbish the ground: the athletics track was removed, the pitch was turned 90 degrees, the stands roofed and the number of places was reduced to 10.000. In 2002 another renovation took place. The ground is now surrounded by offices.


Click here to see the stadium before the 2002 renovation.